Spin the Wheel and Win Extra Cashback & Prizes Only on Cubber

You can now be one of the lucky few who can boast about winning great amounts of cashback online. Just spin the wheel above and get a chance to win cash ranging from Rs.5 to Rs.5000 depending on your luck. What's more, you can get additional chances to spin the wheel of luck when you register and refer the Cubber application to your friends and relatives.

The spin and win functionality lets you win Cashback

— Rs.5000

— Rs.500

— Rs.100

— Rs.50

— Rs.9

— Rs.8

— Rs.5

We all love to get something for free, don’t we? Well, Cubber is now giving you such a rare opportunity. Cubber is launching a spin the wheel for amazing cashback on its app and website. You have a limited number of spinning tries where you can spin and win amazing amounts of money as cashback in your Cubber wallet. You can get additional chances to spin the wheel on fulfilling certain criteria when you get people to refer on the app and ensure that these people do a transaction on the app.

This contest is available on both the app as well as the website. For spinning the wheel through the website, you need to confirm your account through a One Time Password (OTP) and then proceed.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact our customer care for the same.

Getting More Chances to Spin the Wheel:

As a user of Cubber, you can get more chances to spin the wheel when you keep referring the app to your friends and relatives and ensuring that these friends and relatives download and install the app. For every referral that you get, you get an additional chance to spin the wheel.

Tips to Get Maximum Users through Referrals

— Sharing through WhatsApp- The easiest way of referring the app is to send the link of the app to your friends and group chats using the ‘share’ functionality on Cubber. This will help spread the word quickly.

— Sharing through other apps- besides WhatsApp, you can share the link of the app through Gmail, Facebook Messenger, SMS or other messaging apps

— Inviting Friends to the app- The Cubber app has a option where you can invite your friends to download the app. Just select your contacts and a SMS will be sent by Cubber on your behalf once.

— Using Social Media- Basic Advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is free and can be used by anyone. You can post a photo with carefully chosen words stating the benefits of using Cubber along with your referral code and you will be presently surprised with the amount of responses you get from the advert.

— Encourage users through a specially made video- a video highlighting the benefits of Cubber can be posted on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metascafe etc. The more likes and views you get on these sites, the more chances you have of people downloading and installing the app.

— Using your personal contacts- Explaining the benefits of the Cubber app can do wonders- explain the same to your friends and relatives and they are sure to download, install and transact using the app.

1. This offer is for a limited period only and Cubber holds the right to discontinue this offer whenever it deems fit.

2. If Cubber feels that the winners or any user in question is using unethical, illegal or unauthorized ways to earn money through this service Cubber reserves the right to terminate his/her membership of Cubber and/or confiscate his/her earnings from Cubber.

3. The options that you get after spinning the wheel are purely on the basis of your luck. Cubber will not entertain any accusations of forgery or malpractice as the spinning wheel has been designed to give you the right option based solely on luck.

4. The prizes won through the spinning wheel are designed to be used on specific criteria- as a Cubber user it is your duty to understand how to use the prize and to use it accordingly.

5. Spinning of the wheel will cease when there are multiple tries with the same number or if no details are entered.

Follow the Below Points for Winning the Spin Cashback

  1. 1) Spin the Wheel for an exciting surprise.

  2. 2) Verify your mobile number with OTP to get your surprise gift.

  3. 3) Download the Cubber App on your Android phone/iPhone with the link given in the SMS.

  4. 4) Register on the Cubber App to receive the gift.

  5. 5) Share this app with your friends to get more chances of spinning the wheel on the Cubber App.