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online Social wall on cubber

What is Social Wall ???

In order to increase the user engagement we have introduced a new feature “Social Wall”. Don’t mistaken this as other social ‘News feed’ function which overwhelm you with the inappropriate data and posts you not at all interested in. On our social wall you could find filtered, verified and quality content only. It wouldn’t be wrong if we name this as your ‘personal earing wall’! Yes, you have heard this right; through our social wall you can able to earn money just by doing the posting on your wall. Cubber comes up with the pretty unique and only concept in India of make earing through the ‘social wall’. What else could be more existing than having an opportunity to earn consistent money just by adding the post to your feeds?

At Cubber’s social wall you can discover a great mix content of your interest. You will get to see all the popular and beneficial offers of cubber at one place along with some verified sponsor ad form big brands. With cubber you will never miss out any popular deals as we will provide all the offers such as recharge, shopping, foods and other cashback deals all on a single board. Along with this you can stay always updated with what’s happening around you and the world.  We brings you the top headlines from the most trusted media for the areas like Business News, Sports News, commercial, Travel, Healthcare and more. See what’s trending over social media as we pulling up and shoot all the popular and viral post over your wall so you will always keep ahead amongst your all dear and near ones.

Use your Power Wall to earn money

Cubber facilitates you to add post on your social wall through your mobile phone. Earning from this will be as simple as the posting and here we will show you the way. We have used Tagging system for adding any post to your wall. All you have to do is select the image/video you want to post simply tag the person and identity and the resource link of content you are going to post. If any user see and avail the service/product form your post both the user will get a commission.

To make more clear let’s say you want to post the image of shoes you have purchased from any ‘XYZ’ brand add that image add price and link you have purchased from along with tagging that brand. This post will going to display on social wall of all the cubber’s users which is crossed 1 million now. Any of them will take interest and purchased that shoes from you posted on, you both will get the decided commission. Money will be added for each and every user make purchase from your post. Our multi-tagging features let you tag the as many as user you want to tag so that you could get more engagement for your post.

If you want to make your wall full with specific content then you can use the filters and get the particular data on your wall. We will provides many filters for your ease such as cubber offers, news, Trending, Sponsor, etc. by using ‘User Order’ filter you can find the list of all the orders/purchased which has been claimed by your post.

Stop scrolling through the boring feeds, just post it and make earning!