Shop and Earn

We all need to shop regularly for clothes and food. Some of us love the activity (Read: women) others loathe it (men), but we cannot escape it. Electronics, apparel, shoes, grocery items and others, we love to purchase new items every time. What if I said you could shop and earn a commission on the side? Too good to be true? Cubber has made it true with India&ap's first social economy app.

How does Cubber allow me to shop and earn?

Shopping and earning do not sound right in a single sentence right? Well, with Cubber, it's true. You can online shopping and earn commission just by shopping from a partner E-Commerce website through the Cubber app. Here's how it works-

Registered users of Cubber can log into the application and then select the website through which they want to shop with. The user will get redirected to the application of the partner Ecommerce firm and then you can proceed to purchase the products that you want. Shortly thereafter, the commission for this purchase will be credited to your Cubber wallet.

Benefits of Online Shopping Through Cubber Shop and Earn functionality

  • ● Commission

    Should we say more? You get to earn a fixed amount of cashback commission every time you transact through Cubber. Not only this, your immediate referrals also get commission on these transactions.

  • ● Value for money

    Products sold online are cheaper and of better quality. You get the benefits of the same, while just purchasing from the comfort of your home, office or hostel.

  • ● Price Comparisons

    You can compare the prices of the various similar products sold online and choose the best one for yourself depending upon your budget and requirements.

  • ● Best prices

    You can be sure, no doubt that online shopping portals like Flipkart and Myntra have the best prices, better than you can ever get in large retail showrooms.

  • ● No need to deal with crowds

    For many people, large crowds at weekends at retail establishments are a complete turn off whereas such problems do not exist for online shopping. All you need to do is go online through Cubber, select the clothes you want to buy, pay, and the goods are delivered to you in a matter of days.

  • ● Less Compulsive shopping

    When shopping offline, we get tempted to buy things which we never intended to buy, wasting money on such items. Such issues do not arise online.

  • ● Easy to search products you want to buy

    In a retail establishment, you need to search for your intended product from hundreds of isles. On the other hand, you can just search for the product which you want online, compare two or more products and just buy it.

The volume of online shopping is increasing day by day. People are appreciating the benefits of online shopping even as time for errands like offline shopping becomes increasingly scarce. With Cubber's unique shop and earn functionality, you can always have the best of both worlds, shop for the best products and also earn cashback for the same

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