Online Mobile Recharge

You can online recharge with CUBBER App. We are always in a hurry. We want to get over our chores as soon as possible. Our work lives are so hectic that time not money has become a luxury few can afford to waste. In such a hectic environment, online recharge has become a necessity for the young urban millenial.

22 year old Delhi Law student Aadesh lives with his friends in a shared accommodation in South Delhi. He only gets weekends to spend time with friends. For all of his online mobile recharge needs, Aadesh uses CUBBER to recharge online.

“Recharging online is extremely convenient for me, it spares me the time to go to vendors for getting my phone recharged. He says. There are crores of people just like him who prefer convenience over traditionalism.

This need to save time is not only limited to recharges, it encompasses every errand that needs to be done. The internet has helped to digitize these errands, making lives much simpler for tens of millions of millenials throughout the country.

India is blessed with having a youthful population where a majority of the population is under the age of 25. For many of these young people, especially in the rural areas, the first experience with the internet is through a Smartphone. Accessing the internet through a mobile phone is the easiest way millions of millenials in India to explore the world through the touch of a finger.

Convenience for people through smartphones is through mobile apps provided by the likes of CUBBER, India's first social economy app. Through this you can do online recharge of your mobile phone, DTH and data card within a matter of seconds.

This type of arrangement is best for people living in rural areas, who do not have access to conventional ways to recharge or pay their bills. Recharging online is a convenient way for them to stay connected to their loved ones through their Smartphone.

At CUBBER, we understand the unique needs of all the millenials, what services they expect and at which circumstances they expect those services. CUBBER is always trying to improve its services to cater to more demands by these millenials. Our mission is to provide all kinds of payments and recharges through a single platform, we are always coming up with newer updates to the app for this purpose. Until then you can use the app and refer it to your friends and family.

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