There is no other app in India that matches to the services offered by Cubber. At Cubber, we want to see a healthy competition between our users to see how many of them use this platform to earn the most money for themselves. We are creating a contest where we will be awarding prizes to those Cubber users who earn the most from the Cubber app and website. Additionally those users who add the most referral users to their network will also be awarded attractive prizes. The sum total of users and money earned will be taken to determine the winners of the contest.

The biggest festival of Diwali is round the corner. This is the best time to earn through the app as there will be a lot of online purchases through the app in preparation for this festival.

— The winners of the cashback/rewards will be declared on a weekly basis.

— The user who earns (through referral earning or transactions) the most will get Rs.5000, for the second place we will give Rs.3000 and for the third place Rs.1000 will be given.

— This contest will start from the first of October.

Cubber allows you the flexibility to earn as and when you require. All you need to do is to ensure that you use the right way of referring the Cubber app and earning through it. You just need to ensure that you market Cubber in the right way.

Follow the Below Points for Winning the Contest

— Download the Cubber app

— Register on the app and login with your credentials

— Earn Cubber cash by referring the app to your friends and relatives

— The top 3 users who earn the most cash in their Cubber wallets will be declared on a weekly basis

— Refer the app to your friends and relatives- through word-of-mouth, sending the app link through messaging apps or inviting them to be a part of the Cubber family. Do not forget to highlight the fact that you can earn a decent income by referring the app to your friends and relatives.

— Market the app online through social media or your own blog which will help to get additional referrals.

— This offer is for a limited period only and it can be discontinued whenever Cubber deems fit

— If Cubber feels that the winners or any user in question is using unethical, illegal or unauthorized ways to earn money through this service Cubber reserves the right to terminate his/her membership of Cubber and/or confiscate his/her earnings from Cubber

— As a user of Cubber, if we find out that you have made referrals to numbers which you own or which belong to the same device, those users will be disqualified from the Cubber Championship League Contest without any prior notice.

— The decision to choose the winners depends on various criterion determined by the management of Cubber and its decisions on this matter are final

— This offer is solely for bonafide Cubber users who are genuinely using the service to earn money and do not use forgery, cheating or other illegal or unethical ways to earn money from Cubber.

— This CCL Contest applicable only for those users who have paid the registration fees.

— If two or more users have the same numbers of referrals during the week, the user who has reached the milestone first will be considered the winner.

— Then winner of the contest will be declared on every Monday during the contest period.

This CCL contest will run on a weekly basis:

— 1st CCL Contest Period: 01 October to 07 October 2017

— 2nd CCL Contest Period: 08 October to 14 October 2017

— 3rd CCL Contest Period: 15 October to 21 October 2017

— 4th CCL Contest Period: 22 October to 28 October 2017

— 5th CCL Contest Period: 29 October to 04 November 2017

— 6th CCL Contest Period: 05 November to 11 November 2017

— 7th CCL Contest Period: 12 November to 18 November 2017