Bill Payments online

Paying all your bills is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone! Just log into the CUBBER app and be ready to do your electricity, gas, landline and datacard online bill payments easily. CUBBER, India's first social economy app is always available for bill payments throughout the day 24x7.

Electricity Bill Payments

The days for standing in line for paying your electricity bills are gone, all thanks to the CUBBER app. Just type in your credentials and you can pay your bills within seconds!

Gas Bill Payments

Bill Due date fast approaching? You need not worry, online gas bill payments through CUBBER will save your day! Pay your bills easily online with utmost convenience.

Postpaid /Datacard Bill Payments

Have a nagging fear of not paying your phone/datacard bills on time? Don't worry and pay your Postpaid/Datacard bills online for the peace of mind.

The Errand of Bill Payment

Errands. Most of us have them. We do it for our mothers, wives and other family members and also for ourselves. As we move towards a highly competitive work environment, time has now become more expensive than money. Many of us see errands as a waste of time, with many people resisting it and finding ways to eliminate it.

Earlier, there wasn't much competition for resources. Everyone had a job and were busy with their lives. Technology had not developed the way it is now. Going on an errand was considered normal, everyone used to do it. As time passed by, with improvements in technology, there were lesser errands to go for and more time to focus on work. Some errands slowly became obsolete. Paying your bills was an errand that refused to be obsolete, until now.

For such errands, the internet has come to our rescue. Paying your electricity bills would mean standing in line for hours to get it paid. Now, you can pay your bill with the tap of a button. Through CUBBER, you can pay your electricity, gas, landline and postpaid mobile bills within seconds.

Convenience is one quality that has become extremely important these days. Goods and services are being designed to provide ease and convenience of use to the people, especially young millenials in the age group 18-35.

India has a large working population with a teeming middle class which is almost as big as the entire population of Europe. The demand for better quality goods and services is always increasing. So is the requirement for convenience.

Currently, you can do your electricity, gas, landline and data card bill payments through CUBBER. Eventually, we are trying to add as many services as possible to CUBBER so that you have a one-stop-shop for all bill payments.

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